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Welcome you all at DP Blogging Tips: This blog could be your learning destination about Updated Blogging Tips, WordPress Guide, Latest SEO Tips & Tricks, Online Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and so many guides that help you increase traffic, sales & brand value.

What other interesting things on this blog: Read more “About My Blog” Section. Why I Start a Blog?

Let’s Start with Me First:

Hello dear, This is Dhirendra Kumar, I totally admitted with my blogging passion. Why and how this happens.

In 2010, I was familiar with the Internet and know about “What is SEO” while I was working in Online Internet Marketing Company in Noida for 4.5 years under boss pressure.

There where I was handling more than 10 international clients based project. During the jobs, I also wrote an article for the client website. My writing style got me a certificate from EzineArticles as an expert article writer.

That time I was passionate about to learn Internet technology and I started to learn Off-Line and On-Line SEO tactics also about blog and website designing with HTML, CSS or JavaScript (fundamental Knowledge).

Slowly, Slowly I went in depression and leave the job when I fill better then I decided to be own boss. That was my very painful decision.

In Sep-2013 I quite my jobs due to dengue and suffer long time then I took a domain+hosting and create my first website name as rcdclassified.com and run also, I was continuing to learn advanced knowledge with upcoming updates.

But after half n year I financed less, In that way, my first project was FAILED.
Again, I started the next project related to health It was also crashed.

I totally broke up because I was also got many rejections from Google for applying Adsense on my website.

All these happen in my life but I never leave learning and keep continue.

I crack the Google Digital Unlocked Exam and got a certificate from Google.

Google Digital Unloked

In Feb:2017, I started Blogger Blog related to Govt and Private jobs blog(current-jobs-vacancy.blogspot.com) and wrote more than 50+ page content myself.

Because till now I knew the “content is king for blog or website” then I apply for Adsense and get approval very shortly. From to till now I continuing earn a very good income.

Then I started this “DP Blogging Tips” Blogger Blog in Oct. 2019.

My plan is to convert this blog in to premium blog with WordPress in future.


One last but not list:

When I can do it with free stuff than Why you not?. But free stuff does not work for the future.

Who told you Blogspot platform is not well for the starter? I will prove it.

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You can start the same as me but you have to learn the updated SEO tactics before any start.

That’s all about me!

About “DP Blogging Tips”

Welcome you all one’s again at DP Blogging Tips.

After a long learning journey, I start this blog on Blogspot platform but I sure you very shortly I will convert it in to a premium website with WordPress.

I can’t sleep without reading Top Indian Blogger blog on a daily basis because I am very passionate about blogging. I would also help you with updated terms if you touch with me.

I have read 100+ bestseller eBooks and Hand Book that you can find too in my resources tab.

I write content myself on this blog with my best of knowledge as well as with updated stuff.

What You Can Find on This Blog?:

DPBLOGGINGTIPS.COM could be your a favourite platform where you can find updated information about blogging tips and tactics with the best of my experiences.

This Blog is totally devoted to you because artificial expertise and automation have changed the economy forever. Smart people with blogging technique are now turning to blogs and websites to make a living online. That’s the same here.

All these mention points below will help you to grow your blogging business.

That is I am using personally and get too much response.

Here’s for you:

1. My Article Section: Read and Understand content writing tips.
2. Handy Book and eBook: Get familiar with expert blogger tactics from worldwide.
3. Free and Paid Tools: For SEO, Online Marketing.
4. Cheap and Best deals: For Domain + Hosting
5. Free and Paid Theme for WordPress Blog.
6. Free and Paid Plug-in for Blogging Business.
7. Free and Paid Email Marketing Resources.
8. You can watch video for practical reviews.

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I am working for you; it is my passion to distribute Blogging information with my friends.

You can make a comment in commenting box to share your experience and queries.

What My Vision for You?

My vision is clear, my vision is only to do help for those peoples who really crazy about how to start a blog to make his career in Blogging Business.

I totally devoted to you, I want each and every Notification must reach to you. So you can achieve your career goal and make your Boss Free life.

My friends, I am asking you with my depth of heart if I success any people live happy with my references then I think the mean of my life goal is completed.

Please share with me your success the story in the comment box, you can’t imagine how I feel glad about your success. That’s my vision only.

I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully. I always try to respond to every comment that I get an aim to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible.

Find me on:

Linkedin:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/dp-blogging-tips

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