Web Hosting Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Services for Your Website

Hosting Without the Price Tag: The Ultimate Guide to Free Web Hosting

To begin your journey as a novice blogger, the primary requirement is the establishment of a website, for which you will need a domain name – the address by which users can access your online platform.

This can be achieved by creating your individual website.

This post aims to enlighten you about the most cost-effective hosting solution for WordPress sites that offers services with cPanel functionality.

Frequently searched inquiries include the quest for the best free and budget-friendly web hosting provider offering cPanel in India, targeting students seeking to host WordPress sites.

A reliable web hosting company is crucial for enabling you to access all essential services from a single provider at minimal or no cost.

In this context, I present to you GoogieHost, an esteemed web hosting company based in India.

By choosing GoogieHost, you can easily set up your website by acquiring domain and hosting services completely free of charge.

Let us delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of GoogieHost in this discourse.

Additionally, I shall outline the supplementary features provided by Free Web Hosting.

Let’s commence by understanding the essence of GoogieHost.

What is GoogieHost ?

GoogieHost is an Indian firm that specializes in providing free hosting services. Established in India in 2012, the company has proudly serviced clients for 13 commendable years.

With a core commitment to facilitating widespread access to its services, GoogieHost currently boasts 270,082 satisfied users availing themselves of its free hosting offerings.

Cheapest way to host a WordPress site with GoogieHost

Key attributes include 24/7 customer support, a 99.95% up time guarantee, and access to cPanel for seamless server management, all of which are invaluable resources for users.


Advantages and Disadvantages of GoogieHost Web Hosting

Every entity, regardless of its virtues, embodies certain weaknesses alongside its strengths.

Thus, we shall initially explore GoogieHost’s merits followed by its demerits.

Advantages of GoogieHost:

  1. User-friendly interface ensuring ease of use for all.
  2. Round-the-clock customer support facilitating prompt issue resolution.
  3. Inclusion of a website builder to enable effortless website creation without necessitating coding expertise.
  4. 99.9% uptime assurance for uninterrupted server operation.
  5. Provision of Cloudflare protection for enhanced security.

Disadvantages of GoogieHost:

Absence of call and live chat support services.

Up-time and Reliability of GoogieHost:

Up time and reliability are pivotal attributes for any website, with up time indicating the server’s operational status.

GoogieHost boasts an impressive up time rate of 99.95%, ensuring optimal service continuance.

Reliability signifies the company’s steadfast presence in the market, service quality, and customer trust.

In GoogieHost’s case, the company has maintained its clientele’s trust over 13 years through exemplary service provision.

GoogieHost Supports:

The proficiency and efficacy of a company can be gauged by the support it offers to customers.

GoogieHost’s support team exhibits extensive domain knowledge, providing seamless assistance to customers.

Talking about the support team of GoogieHost, they keep complete information in their field and are always available to help their customers.

GoogieHost’s support system is very good. Here you get 24/7 full year supports, if there is any kind of problem related to websites like choosing a domain name, creating a website by selecting a hosting plan, about security, setting up a hosting account, etc., GoogieHost helps you completely. without any extra charge.

Support is provided to you by email or tickets.

Noteworthy features of GoogieHost Free Web Hosting:

Website Backup: Crucial for safeguarding website data in case of crashes.

SSD Storage: Offers users limited 1000 MB SSD storage space for free hosting plans, enabling hosting for a single website.

In the premium plan of GoogieHost, we get unlimited storage features for our website so that we can store websites in numbers and post as many articles or blogs as we want without any interruption.

Free SSL: GoogieHost gives you the SSL facility for free, which very few companies give in their free plans.

Hotlinks protections: Hotlinks protections are a feature that no one can copy the content of our blog from our website, so that no one can copy and paste your content directly.

Free e-mail account: In GoogieHost’s free plans, you get 2 business emails, and in the premium plan, you get unlimited business emails.

CMS Installer: The CMS installer gives us this advantage that you can install WordPress, Joomla, SMF, etc. in a single click.

Website Builder: With this, you can create a professional website without any coding and programming knowledge.

In the free hosting of GoogieHost, you get many features, so now let’s know about its additional features.

  • No Forced Ads
  • 1-Click Installer
  • LightSpeed Web Server
  • Direct Admin Panel
  • 2 FTP Account
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • PHP all versions
  • Online File Manager.

GoogieHost Free Domain Name:

You can get a free domain name from GoogieHost at any time. It’s always available without any additional charge and condition, if you want to take a domain from any name, then fill in your details and register with that domain name and take the domain name for free.

GoogieHost plans and prices:

There are two plans available on GoogieHost’s website.

1. The free plan:
Under this plan, you can only use the services that are available for free, which is thus, in which you get 1000 MB SSD disk space, 2 email addresses, 2 FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts, Single Website, Free SSL Certificate, and 100 GB bandwidth.

2. The Premium Plan:
With the help of this plan, you can use unlimited tools and services to create your website with different features, unlimited services such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, FTP, and website with daily backup. You have to pay for this plan The minimum price is $1.2 / month.

Although there are many free web hosting companies in the world, but GoogieHost has better and cheaper features than all those hosting companies, and most importantly, it is a company of India and supports its customers in Hindi language as well. 24/7 If you have any suggestions about this article, you can comment below. Diolch!

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