Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Blog to Begin Boss Free Life

Blog Launch Blueprint: How to Start a Blog Essential Steps to Begin Your Blogging Adventure

Friends, today we will know the first question in the field of blogging, how to start a blog?

As you are looking for “how to start blogging” in 2024 and in upcoming years or other questions related to it. So you’ve come to a very good blog. You will get all the information related to blogging on this blog. You are requested to give some time to read the entire article thoroughly so that you can get complete information.

Blogging means that you are looking for the best guidelines to start a platform of earning on the Internet, which can be through the following.

My first question is: Why do you want to “start a blog”?

You’ve just heard that blogging is very easy source to start earning from online or other purpose.

Many people start their own blog or website to earn money online, but only a few people succeed in it because not everyone follows the guidelines given for blogging.

And those who follow all the guidelines of blogging get very good results and they make a very good income sitting at home.

So let’s find out:

How to start a blog in 8 easy steps?


Step-1- Choose a domain name for the blog.

Step-2- Set up your own blog online. Register a domain name and get hosting.

Step-3- Use a good blogging platform.  WordPress is the best choice.

Step-4- Customize your blog. Use SEO free or paid themes.

Step-5- Search for keywords for the blog. Do keyword research before writing a post.

Step-6- Write the first blog post. Write descriptive blog posts using keywords.

Step-7- Promote the blog online. Bring traffic to get more readers.

Step-8- Make money from your blog. Choose the best way to monetize your blog.

Let’s start our blogging journey.

How to start a money making blog?

Follow the steps to create a money making blog.

Step-1- Choose a domain name for the blog.

How to choose a domain name for your blog? The domain name of the blog should be such that anyone can remember or remember at once, the domain name of the blog should not be related to the keyword but must be related to the topic.

The blog niche should be such that it is related to your interest or passion so that there is no interruption while writing a blog post related to it and a good blog post can be written.

Be sure to choose your blogging niche in which you can write in depth.

Step-2- Register your domain name and get hosting.

You have found the name of the blog to start your blog and also know which topic to create a blog on.

To make a blog online, you need to pay attention to almost all the points.

There are many Indian companies that provide domain name and hosting. Many people buy the domain from another company and hosting and company, after that they have to face a lot of problems. When migrating the most data.

Many expert bloggers say that if you want to blog without any difficulties, then take the domain name and hosting from the same company.

Expert bloggers say that if you want to get the most cheap hosting , there is no better option than HostZila.

At least keep these 20 points in mind while taking hosting, which are given below.

  1. Price should be within your budget.
  2. There should be unlimited SSD disk space.
  3. There should be unlimited band width.
  4. The domain should be free for life time.
  5. The SSL certificate must be free.
  6. Unlimited FTP user access is required.
  7. Must be the latest cPanel version.
  8. Virus Scanner should be an image manager.
  9. The server feature should be with the latest update.
  10. There should be free SSH and SFTP access.
  11. It should have the latest database feature.
  12. Unlimited Email feature with Auto Responder should be there.
  13. Popular software installation facility should be provided.
  14. Should be the best security solution.
  15. Must be 3GB of RAM.
  16. Minimum 30 days payment back guarantee is required.
  17. At list should be 99.95% up-time guarantee.
  18. Must have 24/7/365 support.
  19. There should be free website migration.
  20. The image manager should be.

By Chance Best Web Hosting Company HostZilla have all these facilities for negotiable price.

For more information, visit the official website of HostZilla.

FAQ-1: Now the question is “why you should take hosting from HostZilla Website?”.

Because, it is very easy to use for new bloggers. From here you can take hosting according to your choice.

As the wholesale and retail price is the same here, so I recommend that you buy hosting for at least 3 years at a time.

There is another advantage in HostZilla, when you renew after 3 years, you have to pay the same price, while other companies have to pay a different price.

If you are facing any problem in registering, then definitely write your question in the comment so that we can help you completely.

Step-3- Use a good blogging platform.

Very well, now you have decided to start a career as a blogger to get worldwide fame on the Internet.

Imagine, every career needs a platform to start fully, in the same way, you will also need the right platform to start a blog.

Free blogging platform can consume your time and everyone knows that time is money. If you are a beginner and want to learn, read some blogs or watch videos related to it on YouTube.

The free blogging platform is only for knowledge sharing and not for the purpose of earning. If someone said you could make money from a free blogging platform, you’d be wasting your time.

There are many platforms available on the web. Squarespace, Wix, Weebly etc are better for building websites but they are not ideal for blogs.

My first advice would be to start blogging with WordPress (but not with

Because the vast communities have believed in their support system and amazing customization options, there are more than thousands of topics and plugins available, which can’t be done with other platforms.

Other platforms never allow scaling if your blog on next level and has become widely known through millions of traffic. This can definitely happen if you are constantly focused on your activities.

And it’s perfect for a start. This platform is very easy for beginners and is able to set up WordPress with a single click.

Step-4- Set up and customize your blog.

FAQ-2: How to set up and customize a blog in WordPress?

After installing WordPress from the C-Panel, login to the Admin Panel and then the interface will look like the image below.

After this, click on the Appearance option, click on the theme option, install the free or paid theme according to you and start a blog.

I think Generatepress Theme is very good for beginner bloggers. Many bloggers use this theme and make a lot of money.

Learn how to do customization of WordPress, with 25 questions and answers.

What is the theme of Adsense? What is High Adsense Earning Theme.

Step-5- Search for keywords for the blog.

To write the first blog post, it is very important to do keyword research so that you can know what your micro niche topic is.

In today’s time, competition has increased on almost every niche topic, so choose the keywords in which there is less competition i.e. find low competition keywords so that google me ranking can come easily.

There are many free keyword tools available on the internet.

Read this: What is a free keyword research tool?

Write a descriptive blog post using keywords. Now the question is how to write the first blog post on your blog?

To write the first blog post for your blog, you need to pay attention to many points, such as what niche topic your blog is about.

The first blog post should be at least more than 1000 words i.e. full descriptive content so that visitors can understand and again visit your blog directly for information related to that topic.

The first or whatever post of the blog should be original content, if you can write the content yourself, then write it yourself, otherwise you can get a content writer to write it.

Read this: How to write a viral blog post for yourself?

Step-6- Free Domain Hosting for WordPress.

Bring traffic to the blog to get more visitors.
And here’s the question: How to promote your blog online and how to get traffic on Hindi blog?

Promoting a blog online and bringing traffic to the blog is not a very difficult task, only a few things have to be done for it.

And if there is an old post in the blog, promote it by updating it.

Read this: How to update an old blog post. Increase revenue and traffic by 60%.

How to get traffic to the blog? To do this, follow the instructions below.

First of all, it is necessary to connect the blog to the search console and submit the sitemap. After doing all this, your blog starts to be indexed by Google.

 Before promoting a blog, there must be at least 25 posts and 3 or 4 pages of content must be written, such as About Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages.

And the rest of the posts of question solving or question answering should be in 250 to 300 words so that if a visitor visits the blog, he gets a solution to his problem and he stays on the site for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

Make sure to do basic on-page setting before promoting the blog online.

Know how to do: – On-page and what are its best activities, techniques.

Be sure to follow the points below to bring traffic to the blog or website.

First of all, create a profile on the top 10 social sites and get millions of traffic in a day.

Bookmark the High Domain Authority site from where the Do Follow link can be found.

Submit the article on the High Domain Authority site from where the Do Follow link can be found.

Submit classified to the High Domain Authority site from where the Do Follow link can be found.

Submit the directory to the High Domain Authority site from where the Do Follow link can be found.

Make a guest posting on the High Domain Authority site where you can get a Do Follow link.

Doing the above work creates a good amount of backlinks and also gets a ranking in Google.

You must read this: How to rank a blog or website on the first page in Google.

Choose the best way to earn money from your blog.

Paise kaise kamaye from the blog:- There are many ways or ways to earn money from your blog or monetize the blog, some of the top 10 ways are given below, which you can easily monetize your blog by following.

Top 10 ways to make money from blogging

8.1 – Google Adsense

Learn how to make money with Google Adsense and what to do for Adsense approval.

What kind of blog post should be done to earn money from Adsense.

8.2 – Affiliate marketing.

Let’s know: – How to choose paise kaise kamaye and affiliate products from affiliate marketing.

8.3 – Paid banner ads.

Know what is Paid Banner Ads and what does it do?

8.4: – Sponsor Content Post

Know what is Sponsored Content Post and earn money from it.

8.5: – Yahoo Ads (

Learn how to take approval of Yahoo Ads and earn money from it.

8.6: Taboola Sponsor Ads

Know what is Taboola Sponsor Ads and earn money from it.

8.7: Outbrain Sponsor Ads

Know what is Outbrain Sponsor Ads and earn money from it.

8.8 – Mgid Advertising

Know what is Mgid advertising and how to earn money from it.

8.9: – GDN Ads

What is GDN Ads and how to earn money.

8.10: Local advertising

Learn how to make money through local advertising.

Summary –

I have tried my best to give you the information that you blog banakar paise kaise kamaye, We may have missed a point If you feel so, feel free to write your question in the comment box. We will try our best to answer all your questions through a blog post and find a solution to your problem.

If you really want to earn a lot of money by creating a blog, then follow the steps given above, choose the topic niche for your blog well and write good content on it, work hard day and night, write at least 1000 posts on your blog according to the current trend, by the time your 1000 blog posts are completed, you will have earned at least 1000 dollars and after that you will definitely earn so much that you will buy an iPhone every month.

If you all join our Face Book Group DP Blogging Tips, then as soon as we put a blog post, you will get a notification and you will always be updated.

Just like there is a saying that a good student becomes a good teacher, if you want to become a good and successful blogger, then someone has to be your guru who can guide you well and help you at every point.

Free Domain Hosting for WordPress.

I also request all of you to give some advice on your behalf and on which topic I should write a blog post, we will accept your advice wholeheartedly.

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